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Reasons to Prefer Off-site Parking Service

There was a time when travellers used to worry about their vehicles while parking at the airport. Now the time has changed and many private parking companies are offering easy and comfortable car park services at the airports. The majority of people are now aware and know the importance of off-site parking service which secures the vehicles in their absence.

Here is the list of reasons why people prefer the private parking service at the airport.

• You need to put some effort to find a parking space in the off-site compound and then park the car over there.
• Everyone is conscious about the safety of his car. In the official airport parking lot, there is no guarantee of the vehicle’s security and no one will assure you that your car stays in a good condition in your absence.
• Parking at the airport will always cost you more than any other parking option around.
• If your car is damaged, no one will be responsible for the loss, but you will have to bear it.
• Another disadvantage of on-site airport parking may include open air parking.

Why Prefer an Off-site Parking Service?

Benefits of Off-site Parking Service:

There are different benefits that private parking near Luton airport offers.

• You can go through the website of the company from which you’re going to avail the service and also read the terms and conditions that may apply.
• You can ensure your online booking and reserve a safe parking space for your car.
It is always affordable and meets the low budget easily.
• It provides the full security of your car by all means.
• The company provides the professional chauffeur who takes the car keys from you and parks the car in the safe parking compound.
• Your car will be secure in your absence.
• In case of any damage happened during the parking, company will be responsible for the loss.

The reasons are clear and gives more preference to the off-site Luton airport car parking.

New Link between Luton Airport and Local Train Station

Luton airport is planning to park its much-maligned bus transfer service once and for all and build a £200m light rail link to the nearest railway station.

The fast-track service would make journey time between the capital and Luton airport faster than for those flying via Gatwick, the airport claimed.

The 24-hour, automated light-rail link would replace the buses currently used to transfer travellers between the station and the terminal, making the fastest complete journey from Luton airport to London St Pancras in less than 30 minutes.

The link will be funded by Luton borough council, which owns the airport freehold. While the station is almost adjacent to the airport perimeter, it is around 40 meters downhill from it, making a fixed rail link difficult to build.

The chief executive, Nick Barton, said: “We’re delighted Luton borough council is making the investment. It’s perfect for us: we’ve been on a journey, but there’s always been that fundamental gap between the terminal and the very good train service – served by a bus, which just isn’t good enough.”

Light Rail Link Towards Luton Airport

The rail link would connect to the terminal from within the railway station, one level above the platforms.

Barton said: “It’s raising the game and lifting up our standards. When you get to Luton Airport Parkway you will think that you’re actually at the terminal.”

EasyJet, the biggest carrier at the airport, welcomed the news, saying the redevelopment was a key factor in its pledge to double the size of its operations there over the next decade.

He said Luton was working closely with the Department for transport to remove barriers to rail travel to the airport, including tackling any ticketing confusion, and allowing passengers to travel between the airport and London using Oyster card or contactless payment by 2018.

Luton would also benefit from the upgrade of Thameslink trains, as well as being served by St Pancras, Barton said.

“The whole train story has just transformed and this is the next big – but very big step – to making that journey superb.”


Luton airport is spending a further £110m on redeveloping its terminals and layout to expand capacity to 18 million passengers a year by 2020 which is a good sign of the betterment and helping to increase the number of passengers at the airport with more ease.

Parking near Luton airport

Source: UK News

Tips to Choose Cheapest and Better Valet Parking

Are you searching for the cheapest and the best valet parking service? If you are interested in having the cheapest and most reliable parking service, then doing a little advance research for your upcoming trip does not take a lot of time.

Whether you’re considering a long term or short term parking, there are numerous options. With the help of some helpful tips you can find the cheapest and discounted parking deals, when it comes to park at Luton airport.

Consider Off-site Airport Parking as an Alternative

This is the best way to park the car at the airport, whether you are parking for long term or even it’s an overnight stay. There are a number of off-site parking companies which let you park your car under high supervision for the required time period.

While choosing any of the best parking services, online research is the better and easier resource to find the best one. After reading the reviews of customers, checking their online status, comparing prices and filtering them by the distance from the airport, you will get the most secure and cheapest parking option for the car.

Find the Parking Service on the Basis of Past Experience

Cheap Valet Parking Service with Great Reliability

If you have any pervious bad parking experience, this will help you to choose a better and secure option this time. You are more conscious about the safety of your vehicle and do not want to take any risk that causes any loss, make sure to have a research of finding the off-site parking service with all security measures at very low prices.

After comparing all the parking services and deals, still the prices are beyond your budget? You might consider the Luton valet parking service that easily meets your budget, requirements and needs.

Flights Cancelled at London Luton Airport

Airlines have cancelled scores of flight to mainland Greece and the island due to a 24-hour strike.

Ryanair cancelled all of its 90 Greek flights due to the walk out, which includes air traffic controllers and condemned their actions.

It was said: “We truly apologize to all customers and passengers disrupted by these unjustified strikes- the fourth such ATC strike in the last three weeks- by ATC unions who are holding European consumers to ransom.”

“We call on the Greek Government and EU Commission to take action to prevent any further ATC disruptions. You cannot have a ‘single market’ in Europe, but then allow tiny national ATC unions to regularly close the skies over Europe, causing hundreds of thousands of passenger flights to be cancelled or delayed.”

Reason of Flights delayed or Cancelled at LLA

Meanwhile EasyJet confirmed that it has cancelled flights to and from Greece and the Greek islands but did not disclose how many.

“We will communicate with affected customers directly via SMS using the details provided at the time of booking.”

Any affected customer will be offered a free of charge transfer to a new flight or a full refund.

It also advised passengers to allow plenty of extra time to get to the airport and consider alternative transport options where possible, as public transport services will also be affected.

British Airways has cancelled Athens flights and said it will be using larger aircraft and extra Athens services on Friday when airspace is fully reopened.

Olympic Air cancelled 36 scheduled flight sectors yesterday ahead of the walkout.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office are advising travellers to check with their airline or tour operator before travelling.


Flight delays may tend the Luton airport towards a great loss. It is also a hectic for passengers, to prevent from this hassle travellers must check once with the tour operator before leaving.

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Source: UK News

The Importance of Parking Lot Security

What may happen to the vehicle if you park it at the airport unsecure? If you park the car at the airport or anywhere else, it is necessary to check the security present there for many reasons including the safety of your vehicle.

The other reason of parking lot security is that if your car is damaged, you may check and identify the people who have hit your car when it was parked in the lot.

Exclusive parking companies such as Holiday Airport Parking take multiple security measures to give customers the best ever parking experience. Some of these measures are CCTV cameras, proper lighting, entrance and exit barriers, security guards, etc.

Security Measures in Parking Lots

When it comes to the car’s safety, there are many things that should be noticed and implemented. Besides the security measures of the parking lot, there are some tips that are in your own hand and you should implement to keep your car undamaged.

• When you’re in the parking lot, make sure to park your car away from the other vehicle. It reduces the chance of getting scratches on your car.

• Before leaving the car in the lot, remove all the valuable form it. If you do not do so, it may serve the thieves. If you must keep any valuable in the car, don’t forget to remove it from the view and put it in any hide place in the vehicle.

Luton airport car parking service includes different measures than the other forms of security at the airport. This ensures that there is a complete staff of persons designated to monitor the parking areas and watch out the suspicious activities. In this way you can simply park the car safely and leave for your trip.