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A Motorist Got Blamed at Luton Airport

While taking his girlfriend to the airport, Brian Winton, 56, pulled up just outside the terminal and the area which has a strict ‘no stopping’ restriction.

However, after receiving a £80 fine through the post Mr. Winton decided to make an appeal, disputing that he had not parked as the letter stated, but merely stopped in a matter of 20 seconds.

The 50 years old’s quibble over the definition of ‘stopping’ and ‘parking’ has paid dividends, as independent adjudicator POPLA has said that the evidence it received from parking firm APCOA was inconclusive.

As a result, it has upheld Mr Winton complaint.

How A Motorist Got Out of The Parking Ticket at LLA

In her decision POPLA assessor Victoria Thackeray said: “In the photographs that have been provided, it is unable to judge that where the appellant’s vehicle was situated and whether it was in the area marked as ‘no stopping’ or not.

As I cannot see any signs by the vehicle or locate it in the photographs in the area, I’m not satisfied it was in the no stopping area and therefore I am not able to conclude that this parking charge was issued correctly.

Mr. Winton from Hemel Hemstead told: “I had not been to the airport before and didn’t realize there was a no stopping area.

I pulled up and my girlfriend got her bags out, I was there for less than 20 seconds. I would have accepted a fine for stopping, but they said that I have parked the vehicle.”

He added: “I sent them the definition in the dictionary and said ‘take me to court’. The picture they had was just showing my number plate, it didn’t even show the airport.”

He said: “I’m sure many others have received fines like this and paid them, hopefully this should open up a loophole for drivers.”


It is clearly wrong to blame anybody when there is no solid proof against him. If the motorist had the intention to park the vehicle, then he should have to arrange cheap Luton airport parking. He was innocent and stopped there for a reason, but did not park there.

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Source: UK News

Why You’ll Love Meet and Greet Parking Service?

Travelling is a part of life and also an important need of business. The way you travel can make the experience either wonderful or the worst.

When you arrive at the airport, parking is an essential task. You can never believe that you’ll simply drive to the airport and park your car in the official parking lot quickly.

Parking at the airport is always a problem for the travellers who are already late for their flights because the parking area is always full due to the ever increasing passengers rate.

This is something that should be resolved for the sake of convenience, but how? You do not need to be worried, because Luton meet and greet parking service is there to provide you the ease of car park at the airport.

Avoid Parking Confusions at Luton Airport

The way you’ll be served in concern of car parking at the airport, you would definitely fall in love with the meet & greet parking service.

There is no complicated procedure to avail this fantastic service. What you simply have to do is:

• Go through the company’s website.
• Read customer reviews.
• Make a wise decision on the basis of travellers good and bad experiences.
• Avail one of the parking service which you prefer.

Booking Procedure:

• Ensure online booking.
• Go to the website.
• Mention your departure and arrival date & time.
• Fill the registration form.
• Confirm your booking.

Service Procedure:

• Leave for the airport early.
• Drive to the terminal.
• Meet the chauffeur.
• Handover car keys.
• Take the receipt and move towards check-in.
• Collect the car upon your arrival.
• Move towards home.

Meet and greet service makes your journey comfortable and smooth. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.

How to Keep Kids Engaged throughout the Travel

With the school holidays every parent wants his/her kids to visit other relatives or to have a great trip in order to enjoy the vacations. It is very important to keep kids engaged, especially during a long flight otherwise there’s a clear chance they’ll disturb other passengers or get bored.

However, there are some easy solutions to travel with children.

First of all, if you’re travelling through the airport you should reserve the tickets online at least a day before your departure. Waiting in a line for booking on the spot will make your kids annoyed. When you reach the airport, avail cheap Luton airport parking service instead of getting into the rush of the airport parking lot.

Static toys are helpful for a short period of time. Try to have the things that will engage them throughout the flight like a pack loom bands, Top Trumps and sticker books, etc. Finger puppets for toddlers is one of the best activities that make them happy.

Tips to Keep Kids Engaged During the Whole Journey

Food can also be used as the element of entertainment. Keep some snack, drinks, and juices which are helpful for a good time pass. Keeping lollies is also a good approach which is much beneficial for kids to avoid the discomfort during takeoff and landing air pressure.

In order to have more entertainment, you can choose the activities like wrapping gifts for kids as a surprise. It will make them happy while opening with the suspense.

For a modern approach, iPads, tablets, smartphones are very useful for games and make kids smile during the travel. Cartoons are always a great source of entertainment for kids, which you can download easily. Movies and some funny videos will also play an important role.

Travelling in the airplane can be daunting for children, especially if it is their first trip. The above suggestions provide the best solution to you.

EMT Franchise Rail Agreement With Luton Airport

It is being said by the Luton’s local authority that a 15-minute service is required between the Luton’s St Pancras station and Luton airport Parkway, which connects to the terminal via a five minute bus transfer. The Luton Airport Parkway is on the main line, but only one fast train an hour calls there, with most services being stopped trains on the Bedford Brighton line.

Luton Borough Council is lobbying the Department of transports as the DfT prepares the new franchise tendering process for East Midlands Trains, which is due to being in 2018 and whose trains would provide the fastest service.

London Luton Airport and Passengers Growth

It is estimated that moving towards four fast trains per hour will mean the proportion of passengers travelling to the airport by public transport will more than double to more than 30%. The airport saw the passenger numbers grow by 16.9% in 2015 and is currently investing over £110million. It plans to increase the capacity by 50% to 18 million passengers by 2020.

The airport’s chief executive Nick Barto said: “Committing to four fast trains per hour to Luton airport parkway through the new EMT franchise agreement would fit exactly in line with this ambition.”


The plan with the intention of increasing the passenger capacity by 50% would be successful, if the four fast trains will be able to provide much more facilities to the travellers. The statement of Nick Barton will be transformed into reality only if the new routes of four trains are successful.

Luton Car Parks

Source: UK Airport News

How to Get a Trustworthy Parking Service?

If someone asks any passenger about his travelling experience, the answer will be the same. They will have no issue with the ticket booking procedure, check-in, boarding and security, but the parking at the airport is always a tiresome task.

Most of the travellers complained about the insufficient parking space and the careless behaviors of chauffeurs. Their car has been a victim of damages and thefts at the official parking ground of the airport.

Parking at the airport is like a puzzle that travellers try to solve, but always fail to get a right direction.

There is always a little effort required to find the best solution to any problem. Similarly, if people keep themselves updated, they will be able to get a legit source of parking at the airport.

Secure Your Car With Legit Parking Source

There are different sources of secure car parking at the airport. You just need to follow this to overcome parking issues at the airport.

• Choose a Luton cheap parking service.
• Have a look on their website.
• Read terms and conditions.
• Don’t forget to read the customer reviews.
• Ensure pre-booking.

Consider the cheapest deals and secure your car using the off-site parking service. Your wise decision can save your vehicle from unwanted damages.

All you have to do is to:

• Choose the authentic parking service.
• Drive to the airport on departure day.
• Meet the chauffeur to hand over the keys.
• Move towards check-in.
• Call the company upon your arrival.
• Collect your car.
• Move home safely.

You should read these instructions and also implement to find a trustworthy parking company. In this way you can secure your car and enjoy the journey as well.