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London Luton Airport (LLA) is one of the Europe’s fast growing airports after experiencing close to 30% rise in passengers number rate last month. An extra day on February certainly helped, but the leap year alone does not solely explain the gatway’s 27.7% upturn in traffic. It’s 23


Travel Precautions for Elderly Parents

By Angela Mcguire Travel Advice

One of the best gift you can give to your parents is to plan a great travel for them. The travel may include a visit to other family, their most favorite place they wish to visit ever, a visit to any other country or even a return to home. If you’re planning a trip for your parents o


Travelling Through Airport is Scary or Exciting?

By Neil Weber Meet and Greet Luton

The word airport has many different connotations depending upon every person’s experience. Many people do not let themselves enjoy their journey until they are out of the airport area, while others love the whole trip from start to end. Some people are scared with the airport travel jus


Being Late and Catching the Flight

By Angela Mcguire LLA Parking Solutions

Majority of people get to airports ridiculously early in fear of missing their flights. There are some tips that can be considered to make the arrival at the airport easy and stress-free. Make Early Booking for Flight: Generally booking procedure closes half an hour before the flight t


A British man was removed from an EasyJet flight after a fellow passenger saw a message on his cell phone mentioning the word “prayer”. Laolu Opebiyi, a business analyst from London, said the guardian that the passenger sitting next to him had questioned him about a Whatsapp message t